Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pretty in Pink

Yeah, the title's a bit cliche, but I couldn't resist! Just like I couldn't resist this adorable pink hair from Magika! Now, I admit to being a little slow on the uptake sometimes and just discovered this store. And I am now smitten. I love that you can get ALL THE COLORS for just 500L! And I love that they are controlled by just two little huds! And I love that this hair is just packed full of meshy goodness! Let's admire the hair, shall we?

*sigh* So pretty... But there is MORE PRETTY!

These glorious mesh feet from SLink are my other new addiction. I rarely wear shoes on SL anymore, which actually mirrors RL. The cute top is part of a swimsuit set from League that I was coveting on another woman on the beach the other day. I have learned to ASK where people got stuff when I see them around SL now. Most of us girls are happy to share a great find and it leads to fun, fashionista conversations.

Finally I wanna talk about two of my other favorite things in this outfit. The first is the GORGEOUS cherry blossom tattoo from my new favorite tattoo shop, Tenjin. I love the subtle femininity of it.  The second is my Cynful "Eve Britches" Jeans. We were talking in plurk the other day about whether or not to show butt cleavage with your jeans and I admitted, I love to show off the butt cleavage! But I like it to be kinda subtle. I don't want them hanging BELOW my ass, but these Eve jeans from Cynful show off just the perfect amount, IMHO. These are my "go-to" jeans and I have them in every color.

These pictures were taken at HuMaNoiD because, honestly... it's my favorite sim on SL. I find something new EVERY time I go there. If you go, don't forget to go through every one of the doors. You will love it! I promise. :)

Top - Gartered Bikini Top - Champagne - League
Jeans - Eve Britches - Dark Grey - Cynful
Tattoo - Cherry Blossom Fresh 1 - Tenjin
Ring - My Heart's Desire Bridal - Earthstones
Hair - Push - Pink - Magika
Nails - Sparkly Prim Nails - Sexy Mamas
Feet - Barefeet Mesh medium - SLink
Mole - Mole! 1 - cheLLe
Eyes - Brooding Eyes - Light Blue - Insufferable Dastard
Skin - Elena Pink Cleavage Sunkissed - Al Vulo

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