Saturday, February 18, 2012

Folly at the Pixel Bean

This one was fun from styling to photography. I've had several different colors of this shirt from [NN] forEVER because it is truly one of my favorite shirts. It's just so cute and easy to throw on to go with pants or a skirt anytime. The jeans are my favorites from Cynful, their Eve Britches. You will see those on me constantly. And the shoes... THE SHOES! I found those at The Dressing Room, one of three pairs from Hucci. You've GOT to run and get them before they are gone. They were under 70L each!

As for the background, this is the brand new Pixel Bean! Harlow outdid herself with this one. I think it's my favorite version of the cute little coffeehouse. This is outside on the Artilleri monkey bars, part of a set of playground equipment complete with adorable animations for each piece. Drop by the Pixel Bean anytime and you're sure to find great conversation and some of the funnest people on Second Life.

Shirt - Pink Short Longsleeve - [NN] Designs
Jeans - Even Britches White - [Cynful]
Shoes - Choose Love Pump Sugarwalls - Hucci
Necklace - Luck Multi-Layer Necklace - LacieCakes
Hair - Kalia blood - Truth
Nails - Glitter Prim Nails - Sexy Mamas

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day

So, Jett and I are impatient. VERY impatient. So impatient that we exchanged gifts at 12:01 am on Valentine's Day. I had agonized about what to get him and my poor friends were subjected to panicked emails at 11:30 with me second and third guessing his gift. We finally talked about it and... TADA! I got us matching Master of Disaster motorcycles from Dirty Garage! They have a vintage feel with the leather saddlebags and they ride like a dream.

We spent about an hour riding around Charville, the neighboring sim. It has a great road that goes all around the sim. Jett and I were racing around and, of course, I needed to be in my undies for this! I am wearing my favorite "go-to" bra and panties from DeeTalez, my "go-to" hair from Exile and my black badass mesh Charlie boots from Ju. Finally we parked the bikes in front of our house and played with the color change options. Then, we did a little making out. ;)

Oh and what was Jett's present to me? He made this beautiful book full of pictures from our last seven months together. It was PERFECT! I'm a happy girl! Hope your Valentine's Day was full of love, whether from a sweetheart or friends and family.

Lingerie transparent strips black - DeeTalez
Charlie Boots B/W - Ju
Amira Mahogany Hair - Exile
Master of Disaster Motorcycles - Dirty Garage

Pics by Jett Roxan (IM him if you wanna know what he's wearing.) 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Pixel Prom 2012

Pixel Prom was put together this year by the lovely and talented Harlow Heslop and wow did she do a great job! The venue was gorgeous and everyone had a great time. We need t-shirts that say "I survived the lag at Pixel Prom 2012!"  Luckily, it only lasted for a little while and everyone was able to have a great time with friends.

The best part of Pixel Prom is, of course, picking out the dresses! I know girl friends all over SL were shopping for weeks before the prom and everyone looked incredible!  I had a blast with my dress.  It's from TGIS and I loved the passionate red color. My hair is a new mesh style from Exile and I am smitten with their Golden Browns. I'll probably always be an SL redheaded slut, but it's fun to play with hair colors from time to time.  The jewelry is from LacieCakes and I LOVE their stuff because most of it comes with a color change option!

Jett was only able to make it to Pixel Prom for the laggy portion of the night, but we made up for lost time with a dance in our bedroom and other fun things that I'll just leave to your imagination.  ;)

Petunia Gown - TGIS aka MonCheri
Wing It Eyeliner black - Mock
Brennie Necklace and Aria Earrings - LacieCakes
Rivers Run Mahogany Hair - Exile
Ultimate Eyes BlueGreen - Insufferable Dastard
Glam Lipstick Vamp (Included in the Chai Elly Skin Pack) - Pink Fuel
Elena natural Cleavage Sunkissed Skin - Al Vulo

Top Picture by Kat; Bottom picture by Jett Roxan

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Night on the Town

I've read a LOT of blogs from creators and bloggers that I admire and I recently noticed a trend... people saying how much they miss going out in Second Life. They've become hermits to their platforms and long to find a place to go have fun like they used to back when they were noobs.

Well I've been lucky enough to find a great place to hang out, full of heart-thumping music and a fun atmosphere. Two of my best guy friends, BlkBeard Sabretooth and Bouncer Criss (men's blogger extraordinare, found here) both DJ at Ambrosia. There are several other great DJ's at Ambrosia, but these two are my favorites. Ambrosia is one of the most popular clubs on Second Life, and for good reason. Local chat is always flying and the music will get you moving in real life, not just on SL.

I've made some tremendous friendships at Ambrosia, ones that have lasted throughout my Second Life.  This place has sorta become my Cheers. And I have to admit, I have a blast getting on my "club" clothes every time I go. Below is a picture of Celeste, me and Jillian, all shakin' our groove thangs to the music.

Okay now, y'all... you no longer have an excuse for sitting on your platforms or in your houses and crying because you don't have anything to do. Hit me up and I'll drag you along with me to Ambrosia and we'll get into some trouble!

Castello Barely Dress - Vassnia
Rivea Pumps Gold Panther - Mstyle
Luana Hair (Blood) - Truth
Elena Natural Cleavage Sunkissed Skin - Al Vulo
Utopia Bahama Green Eyes - IKON

Monday, February 6, 2012

Lingerie and Memories

This particular little piece of lingerie is special to me. You know how certain things you wear can bring back a memory? Well I wore this green negligee one special night with Jett. It's strange how you can be with a person every day and night, but just one stands out for some reason. So yeah... that's all I have to say about that. :) 

This photo was taken in our bedroom. The bed is from JJ Lanes, another amazing furniture store.  The words over the bed were made by Jett and me. Who knew Shakespeare was such a perv!  I knew I liked him!

Go and make some memories of your own! 

Dreams: Green Satin Camisole - Blacklace
LUSH Hair Jessica - LeLutka
Bare Foot Tip-Toe - Maitreya
Prim Nails Drop Dead Red - Sexy Mamas
Elena Natural Cleavage Sunkissed Skin - Al Vulo
'Sunrise' Eyes Mint - IKON

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Color Challenge 4-6

I had a lot of fun with this last batch of photos for the Color Challenge and now... I'm all caught up!  WoOt!  I was TP'd by my friend Arkansas Sorbet to this crazy little sim called Cake.  It's apparently closing VERY soon, like February 15th, soon.  But it was so cute and eclectic, that I decided to do all the shots for Iron, Patina and Alice Blue right here.

Iron was fun because I wear grey ALL the time anyway, and iron was so close that it was cake! Ha! I get to feature my favorite jeans from [Cynful] in this great light grey color and the shirt from Crazy. As for Patina, I'm sure there are a ton of photos of people in this sweater from Maitreya, but I just couldn't resist using it. I love the sexy open-back! It's so purty! Finally, Alice Blue was my opportunity to bring out another body suit, this time from from Crazy (again!) which is SUCH a great store! I love the textures in all the stuff she makes. And the shoes... OMG the shoes!  I'm in love with my feet.  These lovelies are part of the Exotic line of mesh shoes from Hucci. You HAVE to see them up close, so here ya go.

As for the sim, Cake is a totally quirky and fun place! Jett woke up from a medicine coma and came to see me while I was there. You could tell he was still a little drugged because he got REALLY excited about the cake cannon and had to be shot out of it several times. Get well soon, Jett!  I'll leave you with a picture of him chillin' in a donut.

Zoe Shirt Grey - Crazy
Eve Britches Grey - [Cynful]
Move Pumps Onyx - Elikatira
Romance Necklace & Earrings (White Gold) - Earthstones
Green II Hair in Red - Maitreya
'Sunrise' Eyes Pale Silver - IKON
Elena Pink Cleavage Sunkissed Skin - Al Vulo

Athena Sweater S Blue (MESH) - Maitreya
Aeda Slacks Leather - The Plastik
Evelyn w/Roots Blood Hair - Truth
'Sunrise' Eyes Pale Turquoise - IKON
Elena Peacock Sunkissed Cleavage Skin - Al Vulo

Alice Blue
Elsa Outfit - Crazy
D'Ann Pump Exotics South Beach (MESH) - Hucci
Aria Earrings - LacieCakes
Shine Hair Red 10 - Elikatira
Utopia Eyes Pale Blue - IKON
Elena Natural Cleavage Sunkissed Skin - Al Vulo

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Luna's Love Challenge

Luna Jubilee put out a mini-challenge asking us to post the things we love most in SL.  There are a LOT of things I love about Second Life... the shopping, the friendships I've made, the amazing sims we have the privilege of visiting... the list is endless.  But the thing I love the most is my amazing boyfriend, Jett Roxan.

Jett and I met on the 4th of July in the House of V. If you are not familiar with HoV, you should check it out at least once. It's a BDSM club full of very interesting people. Be warned: it's an adult sim with naked pictures covering the walls, but I like to go there and sort of poke at the Doms, kinda like a lion in a cage. Yes, I'm a brat.

Anyhow, Jett started talking to me and I cammed over to check this guy out and his clothes weren't quite rezzed right, but he intrigued me anyway. (That's me looking skeptical in the corner.)

We talked for a while and there was a great connection.  After a kiss that made my toes curl, we "friended" one another... and then barely talked again for a week. :)  But we kept in touch and after an amazing date (pictured below), we just couldn't stay away from one another.

Today, we celebrate 7 months together. (That's like 7 years in SL time, right?) I can honestly say, I've never been happier in my time on SL. Jett and I fit together so perfectly.  We have the same interests, we love just being together, and we just can't keep our hands off one another. We've definitely had ups and downs, but through it all he has remained loving, attentive, generous, patient with my moods, supportive, sexy as hell... and above all, my very best friend. I can't imagine SL without him.

So Luna, in response to your challenge asking what you love in SL... My answer is Jett.

My Living Room

Okay y'all... I ADORE my living room and I'm so excited about showing this off to you! First... most of the furniture you see in this picture is from the amazingly talented Iris Maskelyne. I walked into her store, DIGS, and immediately wanted ALL THE THINGS! The textures are gorgeous. I have two requirements when I shop for furniture... excellent textures and good animations. DIGS has BOTH! Every piece of furniture she makes has amazing animations. My boyfriend and I cuddle on this couch ALL the time and you can even have an extra person sitting on the other end of the couch, which is so convenient for those late night Truth Ball games with friends.

Which brings me to the little Poufs you see scattered around from Y's House. These are AWESOME! You can buy a copy version so that when you have extra people in your room, you can just drop a few down. They have animations for single people AND couples! I LOVE these little guys!

I love the way the colors in the rug from NOTsoBAD really tie the whole room together. The coolness of the brown on the walls with the warmness of the furniture. Our amazing EAMS Modern House is also from NOTsoBAD.

Everything else you'll see listed in the credits below, except for one thing that I'm really proud of. The words you see over the fireplace were created by Jett (the sexy boyfriend) and me. It's a quote from Mark Twain that we thought just totally summed up our Second Life Experience. "Don't part with your illusions. When they are gone, you may still exist, but you have ceased to live."


DIGS Marlowe Couch - Fawn
DIGS Troyka Candles
DIGS Marlowe Coffee Table
DIGS Langley Bedside Table
DIGS Troyka Table Lamp - Fawn
DIGS Marlowe Armchair - Fawn
*Y's HOUSE* Pouf (v2010.choco)
.:NsB:. (NOTsoBAD) Rug AMAL (all colors)
DIGS Marlowe Ottoman - Fawn
{Natas} Model Carved Art
DIGS Troyka Potted Croton (potted plant next to the fireplace)
Warm - Falling in Love Rug (in front of the fireplace)
EAMS Modern House - NOTsoBAD

Lingerie... RAWR!

The lovely and talented Miss Gogo put out a Lingerie Challenge the other day and I was STOKED! I have a fat folder FULL of bajillions of different types of lingerie and I am so excited about showing it off! This first one is from Sticky Fingers and it is such a sexy combination of innocent and provocative that I knew I had to post it first. I also love the way it shows off the derriere. ;)

In this first picture, I'm lying on the gorgeous Bali Sun Lounger from DIGS furniture's White Room. I'll be featuring Iris Maskelyn's amazing work in a later blog, but trust me... she has some of the most beautiful furniture with terrific animations on SL. This pose is IN the Lounger.

And here's just a close up.  Happy shopping!

My white corset top - Sticky Fingers
My white lace underwear - Sticky Fingers
Lace-top stockings Pearl 40 - *blowpop*
Edna Platform Pumps White - NX-Nardcotix
MOSS hair Jessica - LeLutka
Mellisa Med 14 skin - Belleza
'Sunrise' Pale Turquoise Eyes - IKON (Formerly Fashism)

Bali Sun Lounger White - DIGS White Room Furniture and Prefabs

Friday, February 3, 2012

Color Challenge 1-3

I have followed Luna Jubilee's color challenge ever since I discovered SL Fashion Blogs about 6-8 months ago and would always get excited every time she revealed a new color. Yes, I was that dorky kid with the BIG crayon box who had memorized the name of every color. So her color challenge was like me with that box of crayons again. But I didn't have a blog and didn't want to start in the middle of the challenge.  So imagine my excitement when I saw she was starting it again this year!  I can honestly say that her color challenge is one of the reasons I decided to actually DO this blog!  So... Thank you Luna!

I'm right at about six weeks behind, so here is my entry for the first three weeks of color.  I was thrilled with Champagne.  I knew I had this GORGEOUS dress from Paper Couture that Felicity Blumenthal had blogged a while back and wanted to use it.  Electric Indigo was a blast because purple is my favorite color.  LOOK AT THOSE PURPLE SHOES!  I didn't want to take them off!  And Coral was just fun because I got to show off my new panties from Line.

I'm loving this color challenge! I can't wait to get caught up with everyone else!

Crossroads Gown - Paper Couture
Caged Pearl Necklaces (Choker, Princess and Long) - Earthstones
Evelyn w/Roots Hair Blood (tinted) - Truth
'Sunrise' Eyes Pale Silver - IKON (Formerly Fashism)
Elena Shine 2 Cleavage Sunkissed Skin - Al Vulo

Eross Panties - Orange - :::LiNe:::
Baubie Hugger ~ Unbuttoned Top Coral - [ Cynful ]
Kamiko Mesh Hair Dark Flame - Wasabi Pills
Bare Foot Tip-Toe - Maitreya Gold
Elena Natural 2 Cleavage Sunkissed - Al Vulo

Electric Indigo
ColorGames Dress Lilac - :::LiNe:::
Coquette Glitter Edition "Electric" Shoes - N-core
Smoke in Plum Eyeshadow - cheLLe
Meg: Sin Hair - Exile
'Sunrise' Eyes Light Purple - IKON (Formerly Fashism)
Elena Natural Cleavage Sunkissed Skin - Al Vulo

Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Body Suit

I've been going through my inventory, trying to make outfits out of the thousands of things I already have instead of going out and buying more. (Oh don't worry... I'll still buy plenty!) I came across this cute little red body suit from The Whore Mansion. I've seen body suits all over the blogs lately so I was determined to style this baby, but it was stubborn! It's a pretty unique shade of red, so my red stuff didn't match. It was too soft a shade of red to work with black. All my black stuff just overpowered it. Then a friend mentioned a little bolero jacket and I remembered a pile of shrugs I'd gotten ages ago from Riddle. I put that on and voila! It worked! Fit perfectly and the colors complemented one another. Not to mention the gorgeous mesh boots from Maitreya set the whole thing off.

Add just a sexy necklace from Mandala and some flowing locks from Truth and POOF!  My first blog outfit.

Don't you love it when a plan comes together?

Lolita Bodysuit Red - The Whore Mansion
Simple Shrug Brown - Riddle
Radical Boots Coffee Reptile - Maitreya
KARMA Necklace/Sinjyuku RED - [MANALA]
Lilia Hair Reds Blood (tinted by me) - Truth
Elena Sunkissed Natural - Al Vulo
Pale Warm Silver Eyes - Ikon (Formerly Fashism)